World Health Organization and Welsh Government commit to achieve better health for all

Wednesday November 4th, 2020

A new agreement between the World Health Organization (WHO) and Welsh Government has been launched, cementing Wales’s commitment to working more closely with the international organisation to tackle health equity and ensuring prosperity for all.

Supported by Public Health Wales and NHS Wales, the ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ formalises the positive and developing relationship with WHO, confirming Wales as a country with much to contribute to the health equity and rights agenda, and more widely.

Following the official signing of the agreement, a virtual meeting took place today [Wednesday 4 Nov] between the organisations to further discuss their partnership work, including to identify and overcome the common challenges facing society prior to and after the effects of COVID-19.

The memorandum also sets out a common agreement of the need for investment in health and well-being, the essential conditions for achieving the highest possible level of health, sustainable development and prosperity for all people in Wales.

The Welsh Government have a number of health-related schemes with equality at their fore, such as free prescriptions for every Welsh resident and free parking at every hospital. Wales is also the first country to establish its own Health Equity Status Report initiative (HESRi), joining an alliance for health equity.

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