Wales Backs Equality

Monday March 4th, 2013

Government Opportunities (GO)The Welsh Equalites Minister, Jane Hut,  has praised Sport Wales for the work they have done on recruiting women to their Board, and asked other public bodies to follow their lead and develop plans outlining how they will increase the number of women in their staff.

The minister said there is growing evidence that the number of women taking up public or political roles is reducing. Yet, she added, the Welsh Government remain committed to reversing this trend.

She said everyone has a role to play in increasing women’s representation in public appointments – from public sector bodies to political Parties and the media.

The Programme for Government has pledged to ensure that at least 40 per cent of appointments to public roles in Wales are women.

Welsh Ministers have now written to all public sector bodies asking them to take action to increase the number of women and other under-represented groups on their Boards.

Chairs of public sector bodies in Wales have been asked to take the following initial steps:

•Discuss the good practice findings produced by the Sport Wales Case Study with their Board and agree an action plan to be put in place to increase diversity, including steps to be taken around the application process.

•Undertake an evaluation of the make-up of the Board with aspirational targets set for increasing the number of women.

•Provide a short report to the Welsh Government on the progress made by the end of July 2013.

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