Vital support to offset Brexit damage

Wednesday November 25th, 2020

Measures to help protect health services, the economy and communities.

Contingency plans have been put in place by the Scottish Government to cope with the damaging impacts of Brexit.

Measures to mitigate the worst effects of leaving the European Union (EU) on December 31 will target support at health services, businesses and at risk communities.

With just five weeks to go to the end of the transition period, the UK Government and the EU are still in negotiations over the terms of Brexit with both a no deal and ‘low deal’ still on the table.

The deal favoured by the UK Government and the prospect of no deal will see Scotland taken out of the Single Market and the Customs Union and mean the end of freedom of movement, negatively impacting jobs and living standards.

Current concerns include the introduction of tariffs, shortages of medical supplies and disruption to imports and exports from new border controls and customs restrictions.

Support measures put in place in Scotland include:

working with UK administrations to ensure patients get the medicines and medical supplies needed

ensuring businesses struggling with cash flow are supported by working with banks through the Banking and Economy Forum

Scottish Enterprise offering targeted advice and guidance to 1200 companies assessed as being particularly vulnerable to Brexit by the end of the year

Refreshed advice, guidance and support to help all Scottish businesses be ready for the end of transition through the Prepare for Brexit website, including EU Exit Helpline, self-help checklist, webinars, articles and newsletters

£30 million flexible funding to enable local authorities to tackle financial insecurity over the winter, including extension of free school meals during school holidays

the Scottish Funding Council and Skills Development Scotland working with universities and colleges to ensure they meet the needs of a post-Brexit labour market

the Scottish Government’s resilience room (SGORR) will activate in December to coordinate the government response to the most significant issues arising post-exit

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