PASS Training

PASS Training


PASS events help buyers to tender more effectively and suppliers to win new business


Our expert PASS consultants will help you reach public sector audiences, enhancing your strengths and remedying your weaknesses to ensure that your organisational structure, strategies and practices increase your tendering efficiency.


Our PASS consultants help buyers understand the rules of public procurement and procure more effectively, thereby saving resources and securing best value for the public purse.

Whether you are procuring on behalf of a council, board or trust, we can offer innovative solutions including in-house training, engagement services, consultancy and events.

Events Schedule

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In-house Training

Getting up to speed with issues and legislation can be taxing without the help of professionals who understand the radical changes occurring within the industry, which is why PASS has developed a series of courses which make learning digestible, encourage interaction and offer total convenience in course delivery.

  • PASS expert In-house Training will ensure that your staff are fully aware of the latest procurement legislation, guidances, processes and practices
  • Courses for all skill levels are available and topics range from Contract Management through to EU Remedies and Competitive Dialogue
  • Each course will be carried out in-house, providing complete convenience and a cost-effective solution for your organisation