CompeteFor is a free service that enables businesses to compete for contract opportunities linked to major public and private sector buying organisations.

Following its successful use by the London 2012 authorities and their supply chains as part of the London 2012 Games, CompeteFor continues to be used in the supply chain of large public sector buying organisations such as Crossrail, as part of their procurement process. CompeteFor acts as a national supply chain development service, matching buyers with potential suppliers.

PrintBiP Solutions create lasting economic and social benefit through the provision of innovative solutions that drive competition in supply chains.

Their comprehensive range of products and services are in daily use by thousands of public and private sector organisations, and they have helped buyers and suppliers achieve their goals for over 30 years.

Capabilities include Business Intelligence, eSourcing, Consultancy Services, Training & Development, Conferences & Events, IT Services & Solutions and Marketing Services. Each of these capabilities is supported by expertise and unrivalled market knowledge, making BiP the natural choice for all shapes and sizes of organisation.