The GO Public Sector Supplier Summit 2014 is the only event where delegates have the opportunity to engage with buyers from across the public sector and understand the changes across government and what the implications of these are for suppliers.

The public sector buys virtually every conceivable product and service from suppliers ranging from large corporations to micro SMEs and sole traders. Key to any procurement process is the search for value for money, which is an increasingly high priority in all areas of the public sector.

Are you currently supplying, or planning to supply to, the public sector?

Whether your business is an experienced public sector supplier or planning to enter the sector for the first time, there is much to learn. This event provides you with both a detailed understanding of the government marketplace, and the practical advice and tools required to maximise your company’s chances of winning business from it.

Change presents opportunities. Are you aware of all of the changes to public sector procurement?

The public sector has seen wide and varied changes, from the Localism Act 2011, impacting on local government, to the Health and Social Care Act 2012, which significantly changed the NHS and related authorities, as well as the Defence and Security Public Contracts Regulations 2011.

2014 heralds the biggest changes to public procurement in years with the new EU Public Procurement Directive and NHS Procurement Strategy, along with a completely new buying organisation at the centre of procurement activity: the Crown Commercial Service. The GO Public Sector Supplier Summit 2014 will help you to understand how these changes affect your business.

Could you sell to another sector within government?

If your business already supplies to one area of the public sector, you are well placed to supply other sectors. The chances are your product or service is required across a number of different organisations. Attending this Summit will help you understand the requirements of the wider public sector and position yourself to win more business.