Pumped storage hydro could fill nuclear nuclear energy gap

Monday April 22nd, 2019

A Scottish company has called for the UK Government to put pumped storage hydro (PSH) at the heart of its strategy to meet the challenge of providing a secure, low-carbon electricity supply in the coming decades. Government Opportunities

Intelligent Land Investments (ILI) has submitted evidence to a House of Commons committee which is looking at the future investment outlook for the country’s energy infrastructure.

The committee’s inquiry is looking into the challenges of raising finance for clean technologies – such as renewables and storage – and at governments’ approach to attracting investment in energy.

Mark Wilson, ILI Group CEO, said: “We have submitted our written evidence to the inquiry, stating our belief that the gap left by nuclear can be filled by greater deployment of renewables in combination with new pumped storage hydro plants.

“There are currently over 4GW of PSH in the pipeline.

“Several organisations have indicated that they feel doubling the Government’s target of 30% generation from offshore wind (to 45%) is required to meet our obligations.”

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