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NHS Health Scotland: GO Awards finalist

Thursday October 18th, 2012

With the GO Awards just days away, we talk to NHS Health Scotland, a finalist at this year’s GO Awards Scotland…

1)    Why did you decide to put yourselves forward for the GO Awards Scotland this year?

Solely as a consequence of the feedback we had received from our recently secured new technology partners (Maindec, Company Net and Brightsolid) who never stopped reminding us that, from their perspective (as suppliers regularly bidding to try and win business through public tenders) that we had conducted the procurement process in a refreshingly open, participative and collaborative way.  Also that the solution we were procuring for (a cloud-like web/IT Platform) was in itself a very innovative route to tackle the business requirements identified by Health Scotland.

2)    What do you think sets you apart from the other nominees in your category/categories?

We can only repeat what our partners have told us – that our approach to engage with suppliers as “true partners” was in their experience both very rare but very welcome and has led to a very strong relationship with our Prime and sub contracted partners.

We believe that our ’innovative approach’ has simply been our ability to procure something complex and multifaceted through engagement, dialogue and education (from buyer to supplier & vice versa) to create a common understanding of what is possible in an organisation specific context.

We believe we have also made the most of the procurement channels available to us (via testing them) to ensure the most effective and competitive solution.

3)    What would be the biggest benefit to your organisation from winning a GO Award?

Health Scotland would hope that any profile from winning such an award would encourage further re-use and sharing of our ideas and approach both internally and externally.  Beyond that, a number of IT and Procurement specialists in Health Scotland would be delighted in having their hard work and professionalism, recognised by their peers.

4)    What would you say has been your biggest challenge in the past year and how have you overcome it?

Clearly, the time taken to conduct the exercise as thoroughly as we have, has led to an impatience inside the organisation, both to expedite the process as quickly as possible but also, now that we have awarded contracts, to quickly deliver project benefits.  However we have managed past these obstacles to date.

5)    What’s next for your organisation?

We want to continue to grow and develop the relationship with our new technology partners and work in tandem with them across Health Scotland to quickly deliver more high value, strategic business solutions – predicated on our cloud like web-IT Platform.

We have also had a number of approaches from other public bodies, both within the health service and beyond, who are considering similar procurements and are looking to learn from our approach.  We are currently facilitating this information sharing.

NHS Health Scotland are a finalist at this year’s GO Awards Scotland, which takes place on Tuesday 23 October at Marriott Hotel, Glasgow.

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