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National Procurement Learning & Development: GO Awards Scotland finalists

Friday October 19th, 2012 the GO Awards just days away, we profile Award finalists National Procurement Learning & Development ahead of the event.

Why did you decide to put yourselves forward for the GO Awards Scotland this year?

The introduction of new procurement systems and processes is a key aspect of government policy and efficient government and there are strong drivers to eliminate paper-based systems (which are very resource intensive in terms of processing times and costs) and replace with a leading electronic systems in order to deliver efficiencies across the entire purchase to pay process (with the resulting positive knock-on effect to the delivery of front line services).

A critical success factor for the implementation of efficient systems and processes is providing users with appropriate training.

Good training not only provides the end user with the necessary skills to use the application but also adds value to both the individual and the organisation. The challenge for NHS Lothian was to ensure that staff are appropriately trained with very limited training resources which are often stretched to meet the requirements of staff who work in nearly 200 locations and work shift patterns that cover 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

We thought it was important to recognise:

The collaborative working between NHS Lothian and National Procurement to develop the Train 2 Procure website.

The benefits which NHS Lothian have experienced from implementing it.  These benefits include:

  • Improved skills and understanding of procurement processes and systems
  • Improved potential of users.
  • Improved morale, output and quality of work.
  • Reduction in costs through the elimination of errors and costly re-work.
  • Greater efficiencies.
  • The right goods in the right place at the right time.

What do you think sets you apart from the other nominees in your category/categories?

The National Procurement Train to Procure website comprehensively covers a number of important procurement directives/initiatives (e.g. EU legislation, the procurement journey) and systems training (e.g.  eProcurement (PECOS), Public Contracts Scotland). NHS Lothian have seen a number of benefits from using the National Procurement Train 2 Procure website.

In the past different organisations (including the NHS) have introduced on-line training with varying degrees of success but NHS Lothian achieved a very high level of success through the implementation of a comprehensive communications and training strategy which included the Train 2 Procure website link. All users were made fully aware of the training options available to them and the benefits of using the On-line e-Learning Modules at a time and place that suits the individual in a busy Health Board.

What would be the biggest benefit to your organisation from winning a GO Award?

There would be a number of benefits from  winning a GO award including:

Recognition by the procurement community of the work which has been done to improve processes and systems in clinical areas.

An opportunity to publicise the improved status of the procurement and training teams.

It gives the team an opportunity to market the training as “best in class” which could lead to greater take up from users and ultimately further efficiencies for the service.

What would you say has been your biggest challenge in the past year and how have you overcome it?

The introduction of new systems and process across 200 sites requires heavy resourcing in order to manage the change successfully. It was not possible to send out trainers to each of these sites individually as that would stretch the teams resources, extend the overall timelines of system & process implementations and slow down benefits realisation/efficiency savings for the health board.

The introduction of the Train 2 Procure website helped by providing users with appropriate training as and when they required it with minimal on site resource as it is available on line 24/7.

What’s next for your organisation?

To introduce the most efficient and effective Source to Settle systems processes and procedures and to provide staff with the necessary training, knowledge and skills to perform their duties efficiently and to the highest standards; eliminating non-value-added activities, getting it ‘right first time’ and thereby significantly reducing waste and resource intensive re-work.

In order to make these improvements we will continue to develop the online training and include further systems, processes and guidance on the Train 2 Procure website in order to support staff within clinical and support areas.

National Procurement Learning & Development are finalists at this year’s GO Awards Scotland, which takes place on Tuesday 23 October at Marriott Hotel, Glasgow.


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