MPA invites tenders for system upgrade

Friday August 12th, 2011

According to media reports, the Metropolitan Police Authority has put out a tender for a new command and control system.

The procurement will be formed in two parts, covering the software and its integration into the current operating environment.

A spokesman from the Met said the cost range for the tender had not been released, but the police authority would be issuing a figure later this month.

Metropolitan Police CIO Ailsa Beaton recently spoke to Computer Weekly about the system. She said: “I am very much aware that my P45 could be on the line with this. It is important because it is the system that co-ordinates someone calling for help and the police officer turning up. At the moment the system is 30 years old. So we are deciding whether to buy a brand new one or keep the system but upgrade it to make it more modern.”

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