MOD funds predictive sepsis test for coronavirus patients

Wednesday June 24th, 2020

Ploughshare Innovations, a Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) spin-out firm, has funded the development of a revolutionary test that has the potential to predict whether coronavirus patients will develop Sepsis before symptoms appear.coronavirus screening at medical centre

£200,000 of initial seed funding has been awarded to Presymptom Health, a medical diagnostics company in Wiltshire founded by scientists to develop ground-breaking innovations in the medical testing arena.

The Sepsis research is based on 10 years of work conducted at Dstl. This research suggests the test will be able to determine whether a patient will develop Sepsis up to three days before symptoms appear. The prediction will provide extra time to deliver the optimal treatment, thus improving patient recovery rates and reducing treatment costs.

Sepsis has been linked to a number of coronavirus fatalities. A recent Lancet article which analysed the outbreak in Wuhan, China found that Sepsis was the most frequently observed complication and that all Wuhan patients who lost their lives to coronavirus by February 2020 had Sepsis.

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