Member States penalised for failing to implement EU Directive

Monday October 1st, 2012

The European Commission is to refer Poland, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Slovenia to the Court of Justice of the EU for failing to fully implement the defence procurement rules.

The four Member States did not comply with the directive on procurement of arms, munitions and war material (and related works and services) for defence purposes, as well as the procurement of sensitive supplies, works and services for security purposes.

The Commission has also asked the Court to impose daily penalty payments to ensure full implementation of the Directive, therefore proposes a daily penalty payment of €70,561.92 for Poland, €57, 324.80 for The Netherlands, €8,320 for Luxembourg and € 7,038.72 for Slovenia which would have to be paid as from the date of the Court’s affirmative ruling until the Member States concerned notify the Commission that they have fully implemented the rules into national law.

Failure to implement the Directive in all Member States means companies and taxpayers are denied the benefits of easier access to a more open, transparent, pan-European defence market.

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