Government site almost complete

Thursday August 11th, 2011

The Government project to develop a single government web portal has entered its beta phase, the Cabinet Office has announced.

The Government unveiled a prototype back in April which leaders described as a more simple test which received thousands of comments and visits from the public.

Speaking to the Guardian, a Cabinet Office spokeswoman said that the alpha site tested the delivery of services to meet the ‘top 200 citizens’ needs’. This will be extended to 2,000 on the beta site.

The aim of a single domain is to host all the Government’s public information in one place.

Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude, said: “Running over 400 government websites as individual sites just doesn’t make sense – least of all economic sense. This will not only make it easier for the public to find what they want, but it will also be better value for taxpayers, as this project could lead to annual savings of £65m.

“We have been clear that the days of vanity websites are over – we have radically reduced the number of existing websites and introduced strict rules for those that remain. We believe that government use of the web must not only be useful, it must be cost-effective.”

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