Extended households will enable families to be re-united

Tuesday June 30th, 2020

People from two separate households will be able to join together to form one exclusive extended household the First Minister will yesterday [Monday June 29] announce.Government Opportunities

It is intended the concept will be introduced in Wales from July 6 – the same day Ministers want to lift the stay local requirement – if cases of coronavirus continue to decline across the country.

Creating a single extended household will enable families to be reunited and will also help support working parents with informal childcare over the summer months as more businesses reopen their doors and return to formalised working arrangements.

But to help control the spread of coronavirus, only one exclusive extended household can be formed. Once a household decides which other household it wants to join with, this arrangement will be fixed for the foreseeable future.

Under the new arrangements, which could come into force on 6 July, if cases of coronavirus continue to decline:

People will only be able to be part of one extended household.

Everyone joining the extended household must belong to the two households, which form the extended household.

The extended household must contain the same individuals for the foreseeable future.

If one member of an extended household develops symptoms of coronavirus, the entire extended household will need to self-isolate, not just those living together.

It will be important for the extended household to keep records to help with contact tracing in case someone in the extended households tests positive for coronavirus.

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