Derbyshire Councils achieve £2.8m shared service savings

Friday August 12th, 2011

Councils in north Derbyshire have unveiled around £2.8m in savings, as a result of a partnership to share resources and deliver some services jointly.

Over the past five years Bolsover District, Chesterfield Borough and North East Derbyshire District councils have worked together to deliver a range of services aimed at saving cash, with the money ploughed back in to protecting and improving frontline services.

The councils have already linked up across a range of areas, including procurement, internal audit and building control.

Now, they say, they are seeking ways to work even more closely to share resources and protect services in the light of the on-going squeeze on public sector funding.

Councillor Graham Baxter MBE, Leader of North East Derbyshire District Council, said: “We’re entering a new and very challenging time for local government, which makes it more important than ever to ensure we’re delivering value-for-money services. By working more closely in partnership in new and ever more ambitious ways, we can continue to safeguard our essential, high quality services.”

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