CSC criticised for lack of delivery

Friday August 12th, 2011

New reports state that the Public Accounts Committee has criticised the CSC, by cautioning the government of the company’s worthiness to tender for other public sector work following a number failures on the NHS National Programme for IT.

Over the course of the nine year contract the CSC has delivered systems to only three acute hospitals, and has missed numerous deadlines. However the Department of Health overlooked this and awarded a £200m payment in May.

In a parliamentary hearing three months ago, CSC was asked whether it would complete the rollout to all contracted acute hospitals by 2015. CSC UK healthcare president Sheri Thureen said only that there was the ‘foundation’ to make that possible, this comment angered MPs on the committee.

The committee argued that the Cabinet Office Major Projects Authority must closely watch CSC’s current negotiations for a new contract, particularly given its dominant position in the North, Midlands and East areas.

In May, prime minister David Cameron publicly warned CSC that he may consider preventing a new contract to be signed, if the reviews advised against it.

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