Coalition will not budge on deficit reduction

Thursday September 22nd, 2011

The Coalition will not change course on its deficit reduction plans, the Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, has told the Liberal Democrat autumn conference in Birmingham. This is despite the International Monetary Fund (IMF) lowering its growth forecast for the UK economy and saying that the spending cuts should slow down if growth stalled even more.

Mr Clegg said: “The recovery is fragile. Every worker, every family knows there is a long, hard road ahead. But we are not in politics just to repair the damage done by Labour, to glue back the pieces of the old economy. We need to build a new economy, a new economy for the whole nation”.

The speech also discussed social mobility and education, saying: “My passion is ensuring a fair start for every child. I have a simple, unquenchable belief: that every child can do good things, great things, if only we give them the opportunities they deserve.

“I’ve also encountered fierce resistance from those who do so well out of the status quo, but for Liberals the only struggles worth having are the uphill ones. Allowing schools to put poorer children at the front of the queue for admissions. Making universities open their doors to everyone. Making firms work harder to get women on their boards. Breaking open internships. Because this will not be a liberal nation until every citizen can thrive and prosper, until birth is no longer destiny, until every child is free to rise.”

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