Analysys Mason welcomes ICT Review

Tuesday June 21st, 2011

Analysys Mason has welcomed John McClelland’s Review of ICT Infrastructure in the Public Sector in Scotland.

The review recommends how best to deliver improved value for money and how to support multi-agency working and shared services within the public sector in Scotland.

Iqbal Singh Bedi, who deals with Analysys Mason’s activities in Scotland, said: “Most public-sector organisations have procured and implemented their own, discrete ICT infrastructure, which may not provide the best value for Scotland.

“We hope that the McClelland Review will spur local authorities, and organisations in education, health and the emergency services to draw up plans to aggregate demand, optimise ICT network collaboration, and deliver cost savings.”

The Pathfinder network has been the exception in Scotland: shared across five local authorities and schools in the North and two local authorities and schools in the South of Scotland, it is a good example of collaboration.

However, according to Mr Bedi, who led the Scottish Government’s Pathfinder Evaluation Study: “Infrastructure sharing needs to extend beyond local authorities and schools if Scotland is to reap the true value of shared services and the Public Sector Network (PSN) agenda.”

One of the key recommendations of the McClelland Review is to ‘build a single Scottish Public Sector Network that adopts the standards and protocols of the UK PSN’. The UK PSN programme, driven by the Cabinet Office, aims to generate up to £500m savings per year by 2014, by driving competitive pricing and cost reductions, and by streamlining frameworks and standard procurement practice.

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