£4.5m Northern Ireland advice service

Tuesday March 5th, 2013

Government Opportunities (GO)In a statement to the Assembly, Northen Irish Minister McCausland reiterated his Department’s £4.5m commitment to supporting the advice sector.

Speaking after a private member’s motion – on funding for independent advice services – Minister McCausland said the advice sector continues to play a vital role in supporting people through welfare reforms.

Mr McCausland said he wanted to work with advice sector organisations to mitigate the worst aspects of the planned changes and deliver the best possible outcome for the people of Northern Ireland.

The Department for Social Development commits £4.5m each year for advice services and works closely with the advice sector to monitor the take up of advice services and the impact of welfare reform.

Opening Doors, the advice service strategy,  has been continued to help support an integrated service across Northern Ireland.

It ensures that advice services are planned and delivered in a way which matches resources to need – focusing in particular on meeting the needs of the most disadvantaged.

Alongside this campaign, the department continues its Benefit Take-up programme to encouraged 4000 vulnerable people to claim additional support of £13.1m.  

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