Welsh Government support following snow storms

Wednesday April 25th, 2018

Local Authorities will receive £2.5 million Welsh Government funding to offset costs incurred in dealing with the recent snow, Cabinet Secretary for Economy and Transport Ken Skates has announced (April 24th).Government Opportunities

The extreme weather conditions resulted in additional capital and revenue costs for local authorities. Today’s announcement will see funding directed to offset a major part of these costs including those incurred for highway authorities’ gritting and snow clearance operations and salt purchasing.

Whilst local authorities are responsible for planning for significant weather events and are expected to budget accordingly, the Welsh Government is providing additional investment in recognition of the significant costs incurred.

Economy and Transport Secretary, Ken Skates said:

“As much of the country was blanketed with snow recently, authority staff and contractors worked tirelessly in supporting the travelling public and ensuring our road network remained open as much as possible. Their professionalism and commitment was evident as ever and I would like to thank them once again for their efforts.

“The extreme weather did have an impact however and with that came inevitable financial consequences. I am pleased therefore the funding I am announcing today will be a boost in helping offset the considerable costs incurred by local authorities as a result of the conditions.”

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