Unite calls for NHS cuts to be reversed following survey

Thursday August 4th, 2011

Unite  has demanded that the government reverses its NHS ‘cuts’ policy in the wake of a new survey showing that primary care trusts (PCTs) are struggling to meet their ‘efficiency targets’. 

The union, said that ministers have failed to realise the extent of the damage done by their edict that the NHS must save £20bn by 2015.  An investigation by the GP newspaper revealed that 59% of PCTs are failing to hit NHS efficiency targets for this year. 

Unite national officer for health, Rachael Maskell said: “I have made strong representations at the NHS Staff Council about the expectation on trusts to make the largest cuts to the health service since its formation in 1948. It might be the case that the government has not fully understood the damage that such cuts would cause – it is one thing to look at cold statistics produced by Treasury mandarins, but quite another, turning away elderly patients in pain.”

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