Trials for inshore fisheries measures

Tuesday June 26th, 2018

New fisheries management arrangements to help ensure that coastal communities make the most of their waters are to be trialed in the Outer Hebrides, Mull and the East Coast of Scotland.Government Opportunities

The Scottish Government invited the commercial fishing industry to put forward proposals for alternative management arrangements in Scottish inshore waters last summer. Seven proposals were submitted and, following a selection process and public consultation, three are to be brought forward.

The successful proposals are:

  • Limiting the number of creels that can be used in a section of waters around the Outer Hebrides to test the practicality of managing creel fishing effort
  • Introducing a creel only fishery off Mull for a set period of time to protect an important local brown crab fishery
  • Supporting fishermen to agree and formalise access to fishing grounds off Arbroath and Montrose to test whether fishermen using different gears can negotiate and agree on access arrangements

The trials, which are expected to last for two years, will give insight into the benefits of localised approaches to fisheries management.

Cabinet Secretary for fisheries Fergus Ewing said:

“These pilots will inform our future fisheries strategies and in doing so, help to underpin some of our most fragile fishing communities.

I am grateful to all those that have participated in this initiative so far, particularly those who took the time to develop proposals. I look forward to following the progress of the trials and using the outcomes to help ensure a sustainable future for Scotland’s inshore fisheries.”

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