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Tracker launches new range of online tools to boost business

Wednesday May 22nd, 2013

Business intelligence provider Tracker has launched three new products designed to boost business for UK suppliers.


As a market leader in providing business intelligence solutions to companies globally, Tracker has launched a new product portfolio consisting of Tracker Advance, Premier and Elite to help businesses find, manage and win public and private sector tender opportunities, analyse spend data and keep track of the latest business news.

Key areas include:
·    New range of tailored UK, Europe and Global products ensures flexibility for businesses to match their exact requirements.
·    The ONLY business intelligence solution to provide public and private sector contracts, with around 50,000 contracts published monthly, as well as daily market news, competitor analysis and public sector spending data
·    New modular approach – ability to scale up or down and choose from a range of value added products including Tracker Commercial Projects (formerly Construction Projects), an improved tool for comprehensive access to private sector leads

·    Advance is the only single business intelligence solution that provides public and private sector contracts (Tracker Tenders), specific market news (Market Intelligence) and public sector spend data (a new look Spend Analysis Pro) to always keep companies one step ahead of their competitors.
·    Premier gives customers access to all of the above but with additional access to private sector leads (Market Leads)
·    Elite has been developed for businesses that operate in more than one industry and provides Tender Alerts, Market Intelligence, Market Leads, Spend Analysis Pro, but with the extra functionality of and an additional profile and an additional email so businesses won’t miss a single opportunity.

Simon Burges, Chief Operating Officer, Business Intelligence Division, BiP Solutions Ltd, said: “We know that businesses need to take advantage of every opportunity in this extremely tough economic climate and our new Tracker products have been designed with this in mind. Tracker Advance, Premier and Elite, were developed to meet our customers’ changing needs and give them a competitive edge. The launch of the three new Tracker products is also another exciting step forward for us as a company; one which we hope will both go beyond our customer’s expectations and take our business to the next level.”

Simon Burges & Bec Ewing | Tracker

Simon Burges & Bec Ewing | Tracker

Bec Ewing, Head of Customer Experience, said: “We’re really excited about bringing the modular platforms of Tracker Advance, Premier and Elite to the UK supplier market. By taking an intelligence driven approach to the new Tracker products we have been able to develop a really comprehensive and intuitive set of easy to use business tools. Tracker Advance, Premier and Elite are fuelled by constantly updated business data and supported by our team of highly skilled researchers, professional business journalists, and dedicated customer account team.”

To learn more about Tracker’s new range of products and services, please visit:

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