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The Impact of the new UK Public Contracts Regulations 2015: Changes to the Award Criteria – Regulation 67

Tuesday February 10th, 2015

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The UK Public Contracts Regulations 2015 bring significant changes to the exemplar award criteria available to contracting authorities for evaluating tenders.

Price only tenders are gone – MEAT is the only way to procure in EU procurements.

Contracts following the EU process will be required to be undertaken on a most economically advantageous tender basis, using price or cost as one of the criteria. There is also a push towards cost-effectiveness, with the emphasis on life-cycle costing.PASS New UK Public Contracts Regulations 2015

The new exemplar criteria see the introduction of elements including social and innovative characteristics, design for all users and accessibility, amongst others.

Many of these new criteria will help buyers and commissioners to consider how to address their social aspirations, as directed by the Social Value Act 2012.

The award criteria that are currently used have mostly been retained, so there will still be the right to use technical merit, environmental characteristics and after-sales service. Running costs and cost-effectiveness have disappeared from the exemplar list but, by association, will certainly be elements of life-cycle costing.

It will now be feasible, where it is relevant to the delivery of the contract, to evaluate organisation, qualifications and experience of the personnel who will be performing the contract, at the tender stage, thereby removing one of the bugbears of many procurers, of evaluating staff at the selection stage, only to face their absence at award,

The changes make a significant difference to the methods for evaluating tenders in the future. Buyers, and to a degree suppliers, will need to start developing their processes as early as possible, to take account of them.


Words: Eddie Regan  (Senior PASS Consultant) (@Eddie_Regan)


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