Sunderland Council contracts BT

Tuesday August 2nd, 2011

Sunderland City Council has awarded a new 10-year multi-million pound contract to BT for a network that will enable the council to offer higher levels of service to its customers, while generating savings across all City Council services.

BT will deliver a corporate network connecting 188 sites, including council buildings, which will help make council services more efficient and effective.

Councillor Paul Watson, Leader of Sunderland City Council, said: “We have an established record for delivering excellent services to the people of Sunderland.  The strategic partnership with BT will help us build on the good work we’ve done and deliver even better value for money for Sunderland’s Council Tax payers. The partnership will put Sunderland’s residents, businesses and the council at the forefront of developments in government IT services.”

Neil Rogers, President Government & Health, BT Global Services, said: “We look forward to delivering excellent service to the people of Sunderland over the next decade. BT is an established, long-term partner of the council and is committed to assisting Sunderland realise the vision outlined in the Sunderland Strategy 2008 – 2025.”

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