Substantial investment to improve public transport and support economic growth announced by Welsh Government

Friday May 22nd, 2020

£30 million is set to be invested in improving public transport and encouraginFundingg economic growth, Minister for Economy, Transport and North Wales, Ken Skates has announced.

Wales’ 22 local authorities were invited to submit proposals to Welsh Government’s Local Transport Grant funding to deliver projects which will:
support economic priorities for jobs and growth

reduce economic inactivity by delivering safe and affordable access to education, key services and employment, particularly for those living in disadvantaged or rural communities

connect communities

encourage active and sustainable travel

improve public transport reliability and reduce journey times

Following assessment of the applications, Transport Minister, Ken Skates has announced:

£22.6 million will be allocated to 21 projects across 15 local authorities which enable improvement in economic activity, improve access to employment, encourage healthier travel modes and connect communities.

£3.531 million will be allocated to the North Wales Metro project to deliver 10 schemes across 4 local authorities.

£4.1 million will be allocated to support 17 schemes across 13 local authorities to ease bus congestion and delays on strategic public transport corridors.

Minister for Economy, Transport and North Wales, Ken Skates said:



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