Start-up to offer free ‘smart city’ technology to local authorities

Thursday December 7th, 2017

UK tech start-up Zipabout has announced its intention to give away its smart city technology to every local authority across the country in a bid to help transform UK cities into intelligent transport hubs (December 7th).Government Opportunities

With local authority budgets already stretched by funding cuts, Zipabout is offering the cutting-edge technology for free to enable the public sector to fully embrace smart city innovation.

The ‘Zipabout Transport Graph’, a big data and communications platform, can incorporate bespoke transport schemes including sustainable initiatives such as dock-less bikes, lift shares and Park&Ride, into any existing public transport network. Using unique demand mapping technology alongside cutting-edge data technology pioneered by web giants such as Facebook, supply is then fully matched to passenger demand in real-time.

The technology even supports trials of autonomous vehicles or community transport schemes, bringing together all local and national mobility-as-a-service programmes on one common platform with no capital investment required. Local authorities will also be able to align live passenger data and transport information to sustainable targets such as air quality and traffic congestion. By aggregating data from multiple sources, the platform can predict pollution issues or transport disruption, and provide motorists, cyclists or pedestrians with personalised routing alternatives in real-time.

The unprecedented move to offer the technology free of charge for local authorities heralds a breakthrough for public sector smart city planning. The innovative platform provides a digital backbone to allow authorities to focus on delivery of smart city programmes without the need to waste public funds on re-inventing basic ‘big-data’ capabilities for each project and pilot.

The platform will be available via the Amazon Marketplace from early 2018.

Daniel Chick, Zipabout’s Technical Director, commented on the launch: “By making this unique and powerful platform available to local authorities free of charge, we are helping to ensure that they can provide sustainable transport and other smart city initiatives that can compete on a technical level with the likes of Uber, CityMapper and other global technology giants. We are helping to ensure that these services are delivered in an integrated fashion, and for the benefit of their constituents, not a tech giant’s shareholders.”

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