South Gloucestershire Council to replace fleet

Friday August 12th, 2011

Media reports suggest that South Gloucestershire Council will spend around £2m on replacing its vehicle fleet.

Local media is reporting that the cars on the authority’s procurement list are under three years old and some are estate cars with 09 number plates. In all, the council is seeking to replace 64 vehicles at a cost of £2,438,000.

A spokesman for the council said: “Vehicles are replaced at a point which gives the best long term financial option, rather than not being fit for purpose. For example, this could mean a vehicle is replaced when it has a higher resale value and require little maintenance, so to achieve maximum return of public funds.

“Renewal of council vehicles takes place at between three and 10 years. Whether a vehicle is replaced depends on a number of factors including the cost of maintenance, the expected mileage, whether the vehicle is leased or purchased and the initial investment. It should also be pointed out that at every change of fleet, attempts are made to reduce the size of the fleet and consolidate number.”

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