Security suite launched for SMEs

Wednesday July 20th, 2011

New reports state that Avast! have launched a business protection security suite, aimed at small and medium-sized companies.

Avast! Business Protection is built on top of version 6 of its anti-virus engine, made available in its consumer offering earlier in February.

Avast chief executive Vince Streckler said the top feature was the browser-based central management console, which ‘unshackles the admin from a specific computer or specific location.’

Another feature of the software is familiarity, the application looks like the Avast! package people trust for their home computers but protects entire networks.

Avast! said Business Protection’s install process is quicker with competing systems, and that when running the software uses 25 per cent less computing resources than its nearest rival.

Business Protection has a virtualised environment for automatically sandboxing suspicious code on firms’ desktop PCs, such as keyloggers.

There is also a rootkit scanner called Boot-time Scan, and a browser plug-in called Webrep, which enables community voting on web site reputations.

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