Search begins for a UK 5G ‘city of the future’

Friday March 30th, 2018

The government will create a ‘5G city’ in a multi million pound trial of new high speed connectivity to pave the way for a future rollout of 5G across the UK (March 30th).Government Opportunities

The Urban Connected Communities Project, a key part of the Industrial Strategy and the next step in the government’s 5G Testbed and Trials Programme, will develop a large-scale, citywide testbed for wireless 5G infrastructure.

This will include testing how new technology can make urban communities inherently safer, greener, more efficient and more attractive places to live. It is expected the winning bid will be trialling a variety of initiatives, which could include:

Doctors and other health care professionals using real-time video consultation and remote treatment for those less able to travel

Making traffic jams and disjointed journeys a thing of the past through widespread use of sensors and real-time monitoring and management of traffic and public transport

Revolutionising the way visitors experience tourist venues through the use of augmented and virtual reality technologies

Maintenance of manufacturing assembly lines through use of robotics and augmented reality would enable millions of measurements per second to be taken to predict when parts need replacing or rerouting to improve productivity.

Digital Minister Margot James MP said:

“This is a huge opportunity for an urban area to become the flagship of our ambitious programme to make Britain fit for the future and a world leader in 5G.

“Trialling 5G at scale across an entire city is a chance to prove the economic benefits predicted from this new technology, test different methods of deployment and boost the connectivity of ordinary people working and living there.”

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