Scottish Government reveals spending plans for year ahead

Monday February 22nd, 2010

The Scottish Government has revealed its spending plans for the year ahead in an announcement by Finance Secretary John Swinney.

The key points outlined in the budget plans show investment and commitment in areas such as education, training, apprenticeships, climate change and small businesses.

Education has been given high priority, with the Government pledging to put £20m towards emerging underspend in the Education and Lifelong Learning portfolio this year, and an additional £10m in 2010-11.

15,000 Modern Apprenticeship (MA) opportunities will also be made available; alongside other flexible training opportunities, this amounts to a package of 34,500 new training places in 2010-11.

Mr Swinney further announced that the Scottish Government has established an Independent Budget Review to consider the implications of forecasts of reductions in public spending in Scotland and to make recommendations about the options for delivering public services within a more constrained public expenditure environment.

Mr Swinney said: “With additional funding for training and educational places, support for measures to tackle climate change and fuel poverty, this Government has listened to the views of Parliament. We have faced the tough decisions and have set out proposals to help Scotland through the difficult times within the fixed budget we have.

“This is a budget that will support economic recovery and protect frontline services – a budget for all of Scotland.”

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