Scottish Government publishes draft vision for Housing to 2040

Friday July 12th, 2019

A draft vision of how Scotland’s housing system should look and feel in 2040 has been published by the Scottish Government ahead of a formal consultation in the autumn.scottishgovernment_logo

Since making a commitment for a new approach to homes and communities in its 2018-19 Programme for Government, the Scottish Government has been engaging extensively with a variety of stakeholders, including local government, businesses, the third sector, home owners and tenants.

The new document sets out the Housing to 2040 draft vision and principles that emerged following the engagement and the options and choices to get there.

Issues raised in an initial round of stakeholder engagement in autumn 2018 included the need for improvements to existing housing stock, a recognition of the distinct needs of Scotland’s rural communities, and the putting of people and communities at the heart of planning.

A well-functioning housing system:

  • Finding the right home
  • Affording a home
  • Investing
  • Fairness
  • Rural and island communities

PRINCIPLE 1 – The housing system should supply high-quality affordable homes for living in, to shift the balance away from the use of homes as a means to store wealth.
PRINCIPLE 2 – Government policy (including taxes and subsidies) should promote house price stability, to help underpin Scotland’s standard of living and productivity and promote a Fairer Scotland.
PRINCIPLE 3 – Everybody should be able to save for the future whether they rent or own.
PRINCIPLE 4 – Housing provision should be informed by whole life economic costs and benefits in the round and help to address inequalities in health, wealth and education.
PRINCIPLE 5 – Tenure-neutral space and quality standards for new homes should be set specifically to improve and protect quality of living and of place.
PRINCIPLE 6 – Government policy should promote a greater diversity of home builders and broader availability of land for development to reduce prices and improve building quality.
PRINCIPLE 7 – All tenures should apply the same high quality and safety standards and levels of consumer protection.
PRINCIPLE 8 – New homes for sale should be built to high standards, defects should be identified and remedied quickly and all owners should be required to maintain the condition of their home.
PRINCIPLE 9 – Decisions around the quality, location and utilisation of existing stock and new build should be ambitious in enhancing biodiversity, promoting Scotland’s energy security, and be consistent with the target for Scotland’s emissions to be net zero carbon by 2045.
PRINCIPLE 10 – New housing, and the required community resources, should only be provided where they help to create safer, stronger, attractive, sustainable and integrated communities.
PRINCIPLE 11 – Local communities should be empowered to respond to housing need in their area, as part of a coherent regional economic approach and supported by provision of the right infrastructure.
PRINCIPLE 12 – Government intervention should help existing and new communities to be physically, digitally, culturally and economically connected within a coherent geographic region; this includes retaining and attracting vibrant communities in areas facing depopulation.
PRINCIPLE 13 – Government should ensure that there are affordable housing options across Scotland for households at all income levels.
PRINCIPLE 14 – Housing and the housing market should be highly flexible to enable people to meet their changing needs.
PRINCIPLE 15 – Everyone has a right to an adequate home.

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