Revitalising UK aerospace: funding for projects

Tuesday June 11th, 2019

The UK’s aerospace sector is among the best in the world, and upholding this authority means exploring and exploiting emerging opportunities and markets.Government Opportunities

To ensure the sector maintaining its global engagement and influence, organisations are invited to express an interest in a £150 million annual competition with their innovative ideas for aerospace design and manufacture.

The investment is part of the £3.9 billion UK Aerospace Research and Technology (UKART) programme, a partnership between government and industry, managed by Innovate UK, the Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI) and the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

Aircraft of the future
This competition is inviting expressions of interest in funding for industrial research or capital investment projects in aerospace. Projects must have potential application within the civil aerospace sector, and priority areas are stated in the UK Aerospace Technology Strategy.

These include:

  • bolstering UK whole-aircraft design and system integration
  • future-proofing advanced systems technologies in the UK – specifically, smart, connected and more electric aircrafts
  • securing the UK’s world-leading position in large, complex aviation structures, particularly wings
  • developing more efficient propulsion technologies, including large turbofans

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