Revised EU WEEE laws to clamp down on illegal waste exports

Tuesday August 14th, 2012

The UK and other EU  Member States have until 2014 to bring themselves in line with the recast of the WEEE Directive.

The Recast, which was published in the Official Journal of the European Union, came in to effect on 13 August 2012, having been delayed due to adjustments to the wording of the legislation.

Member States have until February 2014 to update their legislation in line with the Recast of the WEEE Directive. They will be required to collect 45 tonnes of WEEE for every 100 tonnes put on to the market in the three preceding years – equivalent to 45% by 2016. These targets will then rise further in 2019 to a rate of 65 tonnes for every 100 tonnes put onto the market (equivalent to 65%).

The Directive will give Member States greater powers to fight the illegal export of waste. Through the legislation, the EU is seeking to clamp down on the export of WEEE disguised as legal shipments of used equipment to circumvent EU waste treatment rules.

Environment Commissioner Janez Potočnik said: “We now need to open new collection channels for electronic waste and improve the effectiveness of existing ones. I encourage the Member States to meet these new targets before the formal deadline.”

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