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Refining the Contract Management process using Delta eSourcing

Friday December 13th, 2013

Government Opportunities (GO)Procurement specialist BiP Solutions Ltd has welcomed Murco Petroleum to its Delta eSourcing community.

Murco Petroleum was established in 1960 and since then it has grown to become a truly integrated oil company with a recognisable brand whose significance is growing fast in the forecourt retailing sector.

Murco will utilise the Quick Call and Contract Register applications to provide a fast, secure and auditable solution to manage contracts with their supply chain.

Simon Bartlett, Head of Purchasing, Murco Petroleum, said “Murco urgently needed to move from paper to electronic means to manage quotes and contracts from our range of suppliers.

“Delta eSourcing offered a low-cost solution that provided a simple on-boarding process and a central point to manage and monitor contracts and agreements.”

Scott Smith, COO, Global Services Division, BiP Solutions Ltd, said “Delta’s Contract Manager applications offer both buyers and suppliers a robust, easy to use service to instantly exchange quotes, reducing cumbersome paper processes.”

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