Quieter, smoother M6 in £7 million Carlisle upgrade

Monday March 18th, 2019

Highways England has unveiled a package of maintenance and repairs along the M6 near Carlisle, which will keep drivers and the local economy smoothly and safely on the move.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The work includes resurfacing the main motorway carriageway, upgrading the roundabout at busy junction 44 and installing an improved noise barrier in the area.

The series of separate improvements is being carried out as one project to minimise disruption to drivers, similar to work completed along the A66 Eden Valley around Penrith last year.

Highways England project manager Jobert Fermilan said:

“This work will ensure people using this part of Cumbria can continue to enjoy safe and smooth M6 journeys.

“Delivering several different improvements in one package, as we did with the recent resurfacing work along the A66, will help minimise disruption and inconvenience to road users.”

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