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Public Sector Tenders in the UK – Energy Sector

Monday July 16th, 2018

Across the UK public sector landscape, organisations and governments alike are stepping up ambitious efforts to increase spending on energy projects in line with the transition to a low carbon economy.Government Opportunities

The UK Government has recently announced pioneering policies such as the mass rollout of energy smart meters, the introduction of electric vehicle infrastructure and landmark spending on fuel-efficient aerospace technology.

In addition, the Scottish Government has outlined similarly ambitious proposals, which are underpinned by the £54 million fund to enhance energy efficiency in homes across Scotland.

SMEs in a Low Carbon UK

These wide-ranging proposals are having an impact on UK SMEs. Although there are costs involved in complying with and even exceeding required energy efficiency measures, doing so can benefit SMEs when tendering for work with the public sector.

Measures such as the EU crackdown on CO2 emissions from heavy-duty vehicles, LED powered light sources and sweeping new initiatives across the construction sector are set to revolutionise energy consumption within the workplace, as important strides are taken to combat climate change.

A recent survey showed that there are commercial benefits for SMEs that adopt environmentally friendly business strategies. In addition, the increased focus on the energy sector and the fight against climate change could lead to more opportunities for businesses working in this area.

Lewis McCathie

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