Public sector pension plans divide Government

Friday July 29th, 2011

Unite have accused the Government of being divided and inept by imposing public sector pension increases before the negotiations had finished.

The union condemned the government’s announcement that public sector pensions would rise next year as ‘an exercise in ineptitude’ by ministers clearly divided on the future of the individual public sector schemes.

The union called on ministers to take part in ‘real and genuine negotiations on what is a difficult issue’.

Unite assistant general secretary Gail Cartmail said: “This arbitrary announcement – while negotiations are continuing on the individual schemes – demonstrates that the government is not interested in genuine negotiations, but just in pushing through these changes”

“What Danny Alexander is attempting is to push through further changes that will drive thousands of already hard-pressed public sector workers out of these schemes and, ultimately, undermine the very viability of the schemes”

“The government’s so-called ‘consultation’ is inappropriate because contributions are being proposed when the future structure of benefits is still under negotiation. While the 2012/3 increase might not be unreasonable if current benefits were going to be maintained, the government’s intention is that they will be greatly reduced in value after the contributions have been raised”

”The unions are united on this issue, but the government is divided.”

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