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Procurex Live 2015: Alpha Procurement with Henry Needler

Tuesday January 27th, 2015

Henry Needler, a Senior Consultant from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), will be taking to the stage at the Keynote Arenas at both Procurex North Live and Procurex South Live 2015. Mr Needler will be delivering two speeches, with the first, titled ‘Alpha Procurement for Alpha Cities’, taking place at Procurex North Live on 26 February 2015 at Manchester Central. The second of his speeches will be presented at Procurex South Live on 10 March 2015 at London Olympia and will consider ‘Making the Best Use of IT and Data to Deliver Value and Economic Benefits’.Government Opportunities

Mr Needler’s presentations are related to one another with one speech addressing the recognition of Manchester as an ‘alpha city’ with an economy of significant size and the importance of ‘alpha procurement’ – i.e. procurement that makes the most of Manchester’s economic power and benefits its residents. The second of the speeches will be addressing how IT and business intelligence can be used for smarter procurement.

Regarding his presentations, Mr Needler said:

“The overall theme is about business intelligence or using business intelligence in procurement. For both speeches that’s very much about understanding how business is currently performing in terms of how it procures things, processes things and deals with suppliers.”

Known as the ‘London of the North’, Manchester has finally been recognised as an important node in the economic system in the UK. Mr Needler is set to discuss how Greater Manchester can benefit from so-called ‘alpha procurement’ – how a global ‘alpha city’ can maximise benefit to its residents by using smarter decisions in public procurement and pushing as much money as possible back into the local economy. When considering the implications of this type of procurement for those working in the field, the key focus of Mr Needler’s speech is set to be business intelligence and how such tools can improve businesses. Commenting on business intelligence systems, he said:

“Generally with business intelligence, we’re trying to understand what the business is doing but also understand where the market is going and anticipate that and forecast it so that they can get the best possible deal in the marketplace. In terms of the alpha aspect, that’s focused on what local SMEs can do for big organisations going out and buying services so that money is invested back into the local economy.”

Business intelligence and the IT that lies behind it is an increasingly important tool as public sector procurement becomes more commercial. In his speech at Procurex Live South, Mr Needler is set to discuss how procurement professionals can use and analyse data to take better decisions and optimise value for money for their organisations.

Both speeches will draw on Mr Needler’s extensive professional experience with PwC. As a senior consultant, Mr Needler’s role is to help clients implement procurement-led transformation within their organisations. This involves changing their operational model and the way they deliver their services to their customers by changing the way they procure, pay for and manage the services and goods they need. He explained:

“It’s about how you can engage local markets best. It’s a case of understanding what that market can provide or what the suppliers can provide and about making sure you do whatever you can to engage a company and ultimately help them survive.”

Looking ahead to the events, Mr Needler stressed that Procurex Live is a good platform for businesses of all sizes to learn about the procurement marketplace and how it is set to change:

“I think that it should help them understand where the market is going because consumer retail (you and I) is far more real time now. We can find a product and within a few seconds we can immediately compare prices, identify similar products and get some information so that, without a lot of effort, we can go into a traditional shop already very well informed. Going forward, client organisations, councils, central government or manufacturers are going to be dealing with somebody in procurement who can immediately compare those prices so they end up in a more dynamic and fast-moving marketplace than the traditional local authority procurement that takes forever and has long-term monolithic deals. The way forward is going to be smaller, shorter-term deals which are looking to exploit the innovation which the market is generating. That’s exciting for the SMEs as they can see what buyers want and what the customer wants and the larger organisations should also be in a good position to meet those demands.”

Describing the events as ‘invigorating’ and ‘refreshing’, Mr Needler is looking forward to exchanging and debating ideas with the other keynote speakers and exhibitors. Be sure to visit the Keynote Arena at both events to learn more about Henry Needler’s views and ideas on Alpha Procurement and Business Intelligence.

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