PM offers office space for new start-ups

Tuesday January 24th, 2012

Prime Minister David Cameron has announced that empty Government office space will be made available to start-up businesses as part of a Government campaign to help people to start their own businesses.

The Prime Minister said in the Business Desk: “If you ask people starting a business they will say they need to get hold of some money, that’s about the banks, they need a great idea, that’s about inspiration, they will say they need advice and we need to make sure they get that.

“But they will also say they need space. It’s often very difficult as a start up business to find some space and rent some space. People might ask you to commit for months and years when you don’t know if its going to work out.

“We are saying the Government should open up its offices, we have plenty of spare office space, and actually say you can have floors where we will supply desks and telephones and basic equipment and if you have a great idea and you want to rent that space cheaply, you can have incubators if you like for new businesses in Government offices. It’s a small idea but the kind of idea that can help create jobs of the future.”

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  1. BrianSJ

    1. has “Office space in Britain is the most expensive in the world and regulatory constraints are the obvious explanation. We estimate the ‘regulatory tax’ for 14 British office locations from 1961 to 2005. These are orders of magnitude greater than estimates for Manhattan condominiums or office space in continental Europe. Exploiting the panel data, we provide strong support for our hypothesis that the regulatory tax varies according to whether an area is controlled by business interests or residents. Our results imply that the cost of the 1990 change converting commercial property taxes from a local to a national basis – transparently removing any fiscal incentive to permit local development – exceeded any plausible rise in local property taxes.” Cameron should end the false market.

    2. If government has ‘spare’ office space; why isn’t he selling it?

    3. The idea of government run co-working spaces is just awful.

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