Oxford City Council signposts support for EU citizens to get ready for Brexit

Tuesday October 8th, 2019

EU citizens looking for information and support to get ready for Brexit can check Oxford City Council’s web site for how to get help.EU

Approximately 13% of Oxford’s population originates from the EU. With the Brexit deadline getting nearer, the City Council has published information to help European citizens get ready for Brexit.

Application deadlines

EU citizens have until December 2020 to register for settled status if the UK leaves without a deal, but are encouraged to look at what they neHed to do well before the deadline. If there is a deal residents will have until 30th June 2021 to apply.

Support available

For most EU citizens the application will be simple to complete, but additional support is available for people who need it.

Applicants need to be able to scan documents on an Android device and complete the application online. Oxford City Council’s Customer Services unit can scan to an Android device and provide computer access.

Asylum Welcome has a targeted programme, Europa Welcome, to help EU citizens who cannot make the application by themselves, for example because they struggle with technology, language barriers or health problems. Some individuals or families with more than one citizenship may also benefit from their support.

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