North Lanarkshire Waste Water Treatment Works Powered By Green Energy

Wednesday January 9th, 2019

Committed to lowering Scotland’s carbon footprint, Scottish Water Horizons has transformed a North Lanarkshire waste water treatment facility into a green energy site (January 9th).Solar_Panel

Adding to the list of Scottish Water treatment facilities now powered by green energy is Carbarns Waste Water Treatment Works in Wishaw.

An investment of £430,000 made by the utility’s commercial subsidiary, Scottish Water Horizons, has led to a total of 1380 photovoltaic (PV) solar panels being installed on unused ground at the treatment works. It is Scottish Water’s fifth biggest PV scheme to date.

The carbon reducing technology will offset 15 percent of the electricity required to operate the site, with the new solar PV system generating 0.27GWh of energy on an annual basis – that’s the same amount of energy needed to power 80 homes a year.

Ian Piggott, Project Manager at Scottish Water Horizons, headed up the initiative. He said: “We are committed to tackling climate change and reducing our carbon footprint. The introduction of sustainable, green energy at yet another one of Scottish Water’s sites will help us achieve this.

“It’s also great news for customers. This technology helps drive down our operating costs at the works, helping to keep customer bills low.”

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