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NHS Fife Supported by National Procurement: GO Awards Scotland finalist profile

Thursday October 18th, 2012 just a few days left until this year’s GO Awards Scotland, Gov Opps chats to one of the finalists, Mark Doyle, Assistant Director of Finance – Financial Services for NHS Fife Supported by National Procurement…

Why did you decide to put yourselves forward for the GO Awards Scotland this year?

The nomination for the GO award was proposed by National Procurement. It is satisfying to know that the positive and significant work achieved across the NHS Fife Procurement team has not gone unrecognised by others. This is a reflection of the significant strides that have been taken in successfully transforming the NHS Fife Procurement “Department” into an NHS Fife Procurement “team”. This major achievement by the team has resulted in changes in working practice / cultures, driven by Mark Doyle Assistant Director of Finance (Financial Services) and Robert Main, Senior Financial Services Accountant. Mark Doyle, through the Director of Finance, Chris Bowring, took management responsibility for the procurement and supplies function as a result of the departmental restructuring of Procurement that brought the service into the Finance Directorate in January 2011.

What do you think sets you apart from the other nominees in your category/categories?

Whilst I cannot comment on other nominees’ submissions, in our view the track record of the team working here at NHS Fife has been excellent. This is demonstrated as follows:

  • There have been significant changes and an integrated approach within the Procurement Department through leadership and guidance, ensuring the delivery of a service for the benefit of patient care.
  • Reflection of the work achievement in the Procurement Capability Assessment that saw a 10% improvement to bring about superior status.
  • Through a planned approach, the team managed to reverse an overspending Directorate.
  •  Successful transition of Pharmacy into Procurement in September 2011.
  • Introduction of the National Scotland Portal “quick quote” facility across the Board.
  • Changed system processes with an emphasis on procurement achievement, by exploiting the use of Powergate and the implementation of PECOS.

What would be the biggest benefit to your organisation from winning a GO Award?

Any benefit of winning the award will be seen as composite success across the Board’s procurement activity, reflecting the input of the individual team members and key procurement stakeholders across the organisation. It will be seen as a very positive good news story accompanied by the prestige and publicity across NHS Fife and within the public domain. This is notwithstanding the benefits to be gained within the organisation of the team “feel good” factor against the backdrop of the significant challenges facing the Board and on occasions, the negative reports within the press surrounding the NHS.

What would you say has been your biggest challenge in the past year and how have you overcome it?

It is always difficult to assess any one challenge over another. However the original challenge to integrate Procurement Services into Financial Services following departmental restructure was a major success. Achievement was gained through positive leadership, guidance, support and direction, bringing the work of individuals together so that we functioned as an integrated team. Communication was the key to gaining buy-in from the team, as they now share a clear common goal. This was supported by listening, sharing and gaining a common understanding.

What’s next for your organisation?

There is no short definitive list that can succinctly summarise what is next. There is a recognition that priorities change over time and remain under review to reflect changes in circumstance and focus. We remain vigilant and will face challenges head on and deliver against a back drop of an ever changing procurement environment. As part of an on-going exercise, NHS Fife is rolling out PECOS across its departments and is utilising the benefits of standardisation in systems across NHS Scotland. We continue to roll out the Portal as part of our tendering exercise. We continue to keep one eye on the Capability Assessment which is due in 2013 and are constantly refining practices and procedures to ensure we are well placed to deliver.

NHS Fife supported by National Procurement is a finalist at this year’s GO Awards Scotland, which takes place on Tuesday 23rd October at Marriott Hotel, Glasgow.

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