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NHS East of Scotland Procurement Consortium: GO Awards Scotland finalist profile

Thursday October 18th, 2012 Opps chats to NHS East of Scotland Procurement Consortium, a finalist at this year’s GO Awards Scotland, which takes place on Tuesday 23rd October at Marriott Hotel, Glasgow…

Why did you decide to put yourselves forward for the GO Awards Scotland this year?

The effort that has gone into making the East Scotland Procurement Consortium in the last year has been staggering. In line with other equally important collaborative projects and initiatives happening across the country now seemed like a good time to pause and reflect on the success as we plan even more. We intended to submit last year but at that point we had not reached 12 months history to comply with the award criteria and, in retrospect, the motivational dividend for the team of going for it this year is in no doubt of more value to the journey we are on.

What do you think sets you apart from the other nominees in your category/categories?

Our submission is not just economy of scale and demand. It is about recognising the future and doing things once when they may have been repeated up to eight times without a central mandate to do so – we have created the ground rules. We also aimed solely on the John McClelland Award in that our journey was motivated by his review and supported by his recognition that the ESPC has grasped the spirit of collaboration. The fact that eight organisations’ Procurement Teams have come together and seized the future through a common aim with the delivery of clear strategies and a transformation map so quickly really sets this team ahead of the others. Doing more with less is now a reality, however demands and expectations on Procurement have increased, therefore the logical route is to work together and share skills and resources on these new demands and service change.

What would be the biggest benefit to your organisation from winning a GO Award?

I can’t answer that question with one benefit; there are two of equal importance. The model we are working to is intended to be able to be copied by other services sharing resources and so the benefits are to the wider service. In addition, we will continue to drive value benefits towards direct patient care regardless, but association with the GO brand will headline our efforts both at Board level and the sharp end of Healthcare and formalise what is sometimes seen as back office to “vital” office in the eyes of clinicians and other stakeholders.

What would you say has been your biggest challenge in the past year and how have you overcome it?

When you come forward with an exciting way to deliver more good procurement “stuff” the expectation upstream is great and impatient. This has meant hard work for the team under very tight timescales, however they have reacted to that and delivered!

What’s next for your organisation?

Our Transformation Map plots our strategy for three years so our next steps are well planned and whatever we do next we will be sharing our skills, knowledge and efforts, and hopefully other services in the organisation can follow our lead.

NHS East of Scotland Procurement Consortium is a finalist at this year’s GO Awards Scotland, which takes place on Tuesday 23rd October at Marriott Hotel, Glasgow.

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