NHS Confederation comment on PAC report

Wednesday August 3rd, 2011

NHS Confederation chief executive Mike Farrar, says the PAC’s publication of the Public Accounts Committee report on the National Programme for IT (NPfIT) nails down the much-publicised problems that have hounded the programme.

Commenting on the report, Mike Farrar, said: “While progress has been made in a number of areas, our members have raised concerns about the costly, centralised system that has been devised on too large a scale to be fully effective”

“This report presents the opportunity for a much-needed review of NPfIT and the how the NHS can best spend tighter finances on a workable solution”

“Technology is crucial for planning, commissioning and delivering services in modern healthcare systems. Having locally-flexible IT systems is central to making that happen. All systems need to ensure that information can be moved easily and effectively across providers to ensure patients receive integrated care, but this doesn’t necessarily require a one-size-fits-all replacement of all existing NHS IT systems.

“The NHS has no choice but to invest in technology if it is to modernise its processes and in doing so, deliver real efficiency savings. Investing in IT is about making a strategic investment that delivers savings in the longer term.”

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