Next year will define UK for a generation

Monday November 18th, 2019

We need to change how we think and talk about the UK in 2020, explained Carolyn Fairbairn at the CBI Annual Conference.Government Opportunities

Speaking ahead of all three main national party leaders at this year’s CBI Annual Conference, the CBI Director-Director argued business held many of the keys to the future of the UK – and whichever party is in power, business and government must form a determined partnership.

She set out the CBI’s priorities for the future government – contained in its newly published manifesto, Programme for Prosperity.

She warned against dangerous ideology from both sides of the political divide – and urged for a return of evidence and fact at the heart of the economy.

She called for a relentless focus on competitiveness – because the UK was at a real risk of losing out globally. Among the issues that need addressing, she cited industrial strategy, business rates, immigration policy, R&D spend, skills gaps and infrastructure. And she singled out the importance of reskilling the UK’s workforce so that every one, from every background, was in a position to prosper in the new technology age.

And as much as she called for change from government, she added that business had to change too – and work harder to prove that profit goes hand-in-hand with purpose.


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