Next phase of £4.5m Transport for Attleborough project

Friday April 12th, 2019

The second phase of the £4.5m Transport for Attleborough project which is set to improve all forms of transport and support planned growth in the town is now getting underway.Government Opportunities

Preliminary work in Queens Square car park has seen tree and shrub pruning and removal taking place. This was the first step of work expected to start later this year to increase the overall number of car parking spaces available.

And letters will be going out this week to local residents and businesses asking for their feedback on plans to make a number of improvements to the High Street/Exchange Street junction in the town. The junction is set to be realigned to help cut queuing on the High Street, with three new traffic light controlled pedestrian crossings installed to make crossing the junction safer in the future. This work is likely to start in June and take six weeks to complete.

In addition to the junction and car park improvements, the area to the front of the town hall is set to be revamped, and improvements made to the Queens Road/Exchange Street junction to allow a fairer and more even flow of traffic. Better parking and bus facilities at the railway station are also on the way later in the year. An extension to the existing shared use pedestrian and cycle path on London Road is likely to take place in 2020.

The Transport for Attleborough project which started in September 2018 has already seen Surrogate Street widened and converted to two-way, and the realignment of the Church Street and Connaught Road junctions.

Traffic lights have also been installed at the Church Street junction to help prevent long queues of traffic within the town centre and to make it easier for pedestrians to cross the road. Other improvements to pedestrian facilities include three new zebra crossings and widening of pavements next to the church on Surrogate Street, and next to the shops on Church Street.

The overall Transport for Attleborough project aims to reduce congestion and the number vehicles in the centre, and improve pedestrian safety in the town.

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