EU funding

Wednesday November 6th, 2019

A consultation has been launched on a potential replacement to a £780 million European funding programme, if Brexit goes ahead.EU

The  current funding programme has invested in key areas such as modern apprenticeship schemes and the Low Carbon Infrastructure Transition Programme.

The UK Government has committed to rolling out a successor programme to the Structural Funds called the UK Shared Prosperity Fund. However there is as yet no detail on how this fund will operate.

Minister for Trade, Investment and Innovation Ivan McKee said:

“Scotland must have a full say in the development  of a replacement for this vital funding, which is benefitting communities across the country. It’s only right that Scotland’s needs and ambitions are fully reflected in future funding arrangements.

“This consultation provides an opportunity to contribute views on how any replacement funding vehicle can best meet the needs of our people, our businesses and our communities.

“In 2016 Scotland voted overwhelmingly to remain in the European Union. However, as a responsible government we will continue to do what we can to prepare in so far as we can, for all exit scenarios.”

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