Newcastle to lead the digital revolution

Friday July 13th, 2018

Proposals to transform Newcastle into the UK’s leading ‘smart city’ could be given the green light at Cabinet on Monday 16 July.Government Opportunities

The report sets out ambitious plans for Newcastle to build on its successes and become a major player in the digital world.

Newcastle has a long-standing reputation as being one of the leading tech hubs in the country and the reports sets out how the council can further their ambitions and become a pioneer for the use of digital technology.

Cllr Joyce McCarty, deputy leader of Newcastle City Council said: “Newcastle is a city that faces forward, embracing change. For us, technology is all about possibilities.

“Our plans will pave the way for Newcastle to be a pioneering city and accelerate our digital revolution.

“We have strong foundations in place – with our national reputation as the leading destination for the digital sector, the partnership with Cisco to have the UK’s smartest street, as well as developing talent within this field with our outstanding educational and research facilities.

“But I believe there is more we can do to go further, faster and more dynamically which is why I am seeking a technological partnership with an organisation to help us put these ambitions into actions.”

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