LGA comments on National Policy Framework

Tuesday July 26th, 2011

The new Whitehall National Planning Policy Framework ‘must give communities a say on development’, according to the Local Government Association.

Responding to the Government’s draft consultation, Councillor David Parsons, Chairman of the Local Government Association’s Environment Board, said that councils want a streamlined planning system that can deliver the housing and regeneration the country needs, ‘while ensuring communities get the type and quality of development they want’.

He continued: “Cutting down the 2,500 pages of planning rules and putting in their place something far more concise and efficient will reduce a burden on local authorities and developers. We urgently need to get Britain building again. In doing so we must ensure that both residents and people in need of housing have a powerful voice to express the type of development they would like to see. It is vital that the removal of red tape being proposed does not have the unintended consequence of undermining the power of local communities. The planning framework should ensure that new housing and commercial buildings match the economic, environmental and social needs of a particular area. We need to see a balance struck between encouraging new building, and ensuring that large-scale new development comes with the infrastructure necessary to support it.

“We will shortly be putting forward our own proposals on how the framework can be implemented in a way which gives councils a realistic amount of time to get their local plans finalised and approved.”

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